Project: Keiki in the Kitchen with Mika the Sous Chef

Written by: Denise Hayashi Yamaguchi


Over 40 of Hawai’i’s top chefs contributed recipes to create this 139-page cookbook for kids. It all began with the illustration of Mika the Sous Chef and progressed to an 8-page illustrated story where Mika teaches kids how to eat healthy and buy local. 

  • Font design

  • Illustration

  • Cover Design

  • Layout and Design

This project was simply amazing to be a part of, from the layout of the cooking instructions to the illustration of Mika’s journey, it was a chance to create a unique product that continues to bring families together.

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4″x6″ Flyer

The Big Day


Author: Denise Hayashi Yamaguchi, Husband Chef Roy Yamaguchi and Mika the Sous Chef.

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